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We put our commitment to collaboration to work and we love what we do


Professional Team

Sustainability is our strategic approach to managing our business with the future in mind: integrating values of social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and economic prosperity by building infrastructure that improves quality of life.


Great Ideas

Strong leaders have been the heart of ADAP and the visionaries that pushed our enterprise forward. Our leaders are driving ADAP to the next level of success by engineering new opportunities and continuously expanding and diversifying our business.


Quality Building

ADAP Construction is a full-service general contractor, and construction management firm. Recognized as one of the top 25 largest construction companies, ADAP specializes in complex infrastructure projects, including transportation, industrial and federal contracting.


Quality Works

Our expert teams go above and beyond to provide advanced solutions to material constraints, tackling schedule, availability and quality/technical issues and ensuring the most efficient transport of materials. We’re proud to be a trusted partner to our clients.


Why Choose Us

More than 50 year experience in industry

ADAP's strength is a combination of quartz and feldspar grains that have been slowly fused together over time. Quartz offers strength, luster and the glue that holds the material together, while feldspar brings color and a resistance to discoloration. Combined, quartz and feldspar are stronger than steel.

Expert in Builings

As a pioneer and leader, we team with the most respected contractors and designers in the industry.

Modern Design

We construct approximately $800 million of Design-Build, P3 and CMAR/CMGC projects annually, and we have completed more than $12.5 billion in alternative procurement projects over the last two decades.

Leading In Floor Planning

These methods lead to a more economical process, promote a collaborative design process and more buildable plans, share risk, foster innovation and address specific owner objectives.


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